Works In Progress

November 2023

John has now completed work on a new and exciting project. Although he can’t say just what it is right now, details will follow in due course.

Work has now begun on the second book in the Manner of Men series, following Sergeant Harris and his group of paratroopers. This story will take them on a secret mission “into the cauldron” of the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944. The book will hopefully be released in the spring of next year.

May 2023

John has completed the first of a three book series of novels based around a group of paratroopers from D-Day to the end of the war. It is now going through a series of edits. He is hoping to have the first book published very soon and is now working on the second.

John has also completed re-editing some of his previously self-published work. He is hoping to re-release them in the coming months.

He has now embarked on another very exciting project – details to follow in due course.

John’s latest book, Arctic Convoy PQ18 – 25 Days That Changed The Course Of The War, will be published shortly by Pen & Sword. This is an account of the Arctic convoys PQ18 and QP14 (PQ18 being the outbound voyage to Archangelsk, QP14 the return convoy to Iceland). John is hoping to have it published in the very near future.

John feels this is his best work to date.

PQ18 sailed from Reykjavik (after forming up in Loch Ewe) in early September 1942 and was the most heavily attacked convoy of the war.

The reason for the determination of the Germans to destroy PQ18 was down to the fact that the previous convoy to Russia, PQ17, had been an unmitigated disaster for the British. Sensing an opportunity to end the route once and for all, the Nazis threw everything they had into stopping it.

The book has been intensively researched and is mainly told through the accounts of men who sailed on the two convoys.