Operation Codicil (The Manner of Men Book 1)

The first in a three part series following Sergeant Sean Harris and his group of Parachute Regiment Pathfinders – the book was published by Sharpe Books on 9 July 2023:

‘McKay delivers wall to wall action and characters to die for. As the elite pathfinders encounter their own Bridge Too Far.’ Damien Lewis, author of Churchill’s Secret Warriors

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Under the cover of darkness, a plane approaches the Normandy coast…

Led by the indomitable Lieutenant Walsh, a former Guard’s officer, a group of paratroopers wait to jump. They are to be the first in; pathfinders, the spearhead of Operation Overlord. Their mission – to capture and hold a key bridge over the River Orne.

For Sergeant Sean Harris, a highly experienced career soldier, this is something for which he has been waiting, for four long years. A veteran of the fall of France, and many more battles since, Harris knows that more blood will be spilled before he can finally lay to rest the ghosts of the past; for what happened to him at Dunkirk.

After being separated from his unit in the aftermath of the perilous drop, Harris and a small group of soldiers must make it to the bridge with vital information, given to him by the Resistance leader, Camille Toussaint – a young Frenchwoman, eager to avenge the murder of her father.

A large SS unit is camped nearby the river – and could undo the entire mission.

Attacked from both sides, a desperate battle for the bridge ensues. With the death toll rising, can Harris and the company of paratroopers hold on until relieved?

The very success of Operation Overlord depends on it.