Arctic Convoy, PQ18

John is delighted to announce the long awaited publication of his new book chronicling the passage of Arctic Convoy, PQ18 in September 1942. John embarked on the project two years ago and is delighted that the book has now been published by Pen & Sword Maritime.

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Following the ill-fated convoy, PQ17, where the majority of the ships were sunk by the Germans, PQ18 became all important. Should it suffer the same fate, then the whole Arctic route, in getting supplies to Russia, could become untenable. Therefore, it was imperative that PQ18 made it safely to Archangelsk on the White Sea. Equally, for the Nazis, it was important it was stopped.

PQ18 therefore became the most heavily defended, and most heavily attacked, convoy of the whole Arctic theatre of war.

This is its story.

John recently appeared on WW2TV to talk about the convoy – click here to view