The Worst Journey In The World


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John has now completed his latest novel, The Worst Journey In The World which is now  available to purchase in paperback and ebook from all Amazon sites. Links at bottom of page.

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The novel is set on an anti-submarine frigate during World War Two.

The title of the novel comes from a quote by Winston Churchill when describing the Arctic Convoys, where Allied shipping travelled through severe weather conditions to Murmansk and Archangel in order to deliver vital cargoes to the Soviet Union. Not only did they suffer at the hands of the extreme forces of nature, they were hunted by the Luftwaffe and German surface ships and U-boats.

John got the inspiration to write this novel after meeting a veteran of the convoys, Bill Halliwell, who served as a telegraphist on HMS Bazely during the war. John was introduced to him in November 2015 by his former high school English teacher, Joyce Holden, at an event at Wigan Museum where Bill was giving a presentation to local school children.

Picture below, author on right with Bill and Joyce:

me, bill and joyce


“When George Martin joins the crew of the Royal Navy frigate, HMS Virtuous, he is keen to start his new life at sea, but after trips escorting relief cargoes to the stricken island of Malta, he soon realises that life on a warship is anything but easy.

After the invasion of the Soviet Union by German forces in 1941, George finds himself on the Virtuous’s most perilous journey yet, as it forms part of a convoy heading to Russia. Hunted by Nazi U-boats, surface ships and the Luftwaffe, the crew must endure its greatest foe – the harsh Arctic weather. With temperatures dropping to minus 30 degrees Centigrade and violent storms threatening to sink the ship, George endures the harsh reality of war, whilst at the same time pondering his uneasy relationship with the mysterious Glenda, the girl he has left behind.”

Although the novel is a work of fiction, the experiences George goes through are based on actual accounts of sailors who served on the convoys.

The novel is available from all Amazon sites in paperback and for Kindle. Link below:

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