Available now from USA Today Bestselling author John R McKay... Codename: GREYMAN

New from USA Today Bestselling author, John R McKay. Codename: GREYMAN. The concluding tale from 'The Absolution Of Otto Finkel'

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The Worst Journey In The World

John's latest novel. A tribute to all who sailed on the Arctic Convoys of World War Two.

The Sun Will Always Shine

John's World War One drama. The story of two brothers who commit a terrible crime and seek refuge in the trenches of the Western Front. Long-listed in the 2017 UK International Novel Writing Competition.

The Absolution Of Otto Finkel

John's magnum opus! The story of a group of children from very different backgrounds who meet on holiday. Years later, fate dictates their paths are to cross once more, but not all are on the same side.

Codename: GREYMAN

The concluding chapter of 'The Absolution Of Otto Finkel' features the fifth 'boy from the boat'. Set in wartime France it follows the exploits of an SOE agent and also covers the Vercors uprising by the maquis in July 1944

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